Electrical Electronics Engineering

The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success are concentration, discrimination, organisation, innovation and communication.

- Michael Faraday


“Be a centre of excellence and higher learning in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by producing renowned engineers with ethical and societal responsibility, competent to meet the technological challenges and ultimate in their field”.


This branch is one of the main or parent branch of engineering. It is considered as a lifeline of any industry. It offers job opportunities in almost every industry since electricity is the main source of energy. With the increasing demands of growing population, its future anywhere in the world is very bright. There is vast potential of its further development in the country.

The students of this branch get a strong foundation in Allied Sciences and Basic Engineering across a spectrum of disciplines in the first year of their course work. In the third semester they get to know about circuits & Networks, Measurements and instrumentation & Analog Electronics. In the next semester they get idea regarding DC machines, Transformers, Electromagnetic theory& Digital Electronics. In the fifth semester they learn about Synchronous Machines, Induction machines, Micro Processors and basics of Power systems. Linear control systems, Power electronics, Advanced Power systems and basics of programming are covered in sixth semester. Seventh semester covers diverse topics such as Advanced control systems, Industrial safety engineering & Operating systems. Seminars & phase I of the Project are conducted during this semester. Eighth semester includes system theory, Signal processing and Main project.


The major laboratories included in the scheme are Electrical machines lab, Power Electronics lab, Electronic circuits lab, Microprocessor lab, Control systems lab and Power system lab.

The students will get opportunities in Auto mobile industry, Power electronic industry, Construction field, Space industries, Aeronautical industries & Power management fields. Major Public & Private sector firms like KELTRON, KSEB, FACT, BHEL, TELK, VSSC, ISRO, Railways, BPCL, Audi, Honeywell, Nissan etc. will provide better jobs for Electrical and Electronics engineering graduates.

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