Polytechnic Admissions for 2021 has begun

This is an exciting opportunity for your beloved sons or daughters to explore the vast world of engineering at P A Aziz College of Engineering & Technology. We are on the process of ensuring all the facilities for your children to achieve success all the time.

What should I do if I now have the qualification I need?

Students should contact our information numbers displayed in the website as soon as possible to discuss the options.
If you had an offer through clearing and now no longer want it, you should also talk to the university.

Will universities have space for all the extra students?

Many colleges will be able to accept extra students, particularly now the government has withdrawn its cap on the numbers each institution can admit.

But there could be logistical problems at some oversubscribed colleges.
Simply put – will there be enough space, accommodation, lab equipment and staff – from academics to cleaners?
And this problem is likely to be even more acute, given the need for social distancing and extra hygiene.
A few colleges have said they will honour all their offers – but for others it’s not so easy.