Basic Sciences Engineering

As we continue to improve our understanding of the basic science on which applications increasingly depend, material benefits of this and other kinds are secured for the future.

Henry Taube

The Department of Basic Sciences was established in 2003. The Department offers courses in Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry as per the KTU syllabus. The Department of Basic Sciences offers excellent quality education in the areas like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, to the young aspiring engineers of all streams and ignites their innovative thinking skill. At the end of 1st year the student will be well trained in the practical and theoretical aspects of physics, chemistry and mathematical part that is to be applied in the engineering field. The faculty members of the department are well qualified, motivated, well versed with the modern era of education and strongly committed towards the excellence of students.

Engineering Mathematics Department:

The Department focuses on developing student’s mathematical skills, which helps them to be proficient in understanding the underlying concepts in technical fields of Engineering.

Engineering Chemistry Department:

The vision of the Department is to train the aspiring engineers to be equipped with new developments in the chemical sciences and provide a platform for applying and inventing new techniques in the field of chemical sciences.

Engineering Physics Department:

The Physics Department aims to educate the students by giving them a blend of basic and advanced knowledge of fundamentals and applied physics as well as its application in the field of engineering.


The Engineering Physics laboratory has the modern advanced instruments for conducting lab experiments in various areas of physics like optics, mechanics, electronics & electricity as per KTU syllabus.  The engineering physics lab drives the students to enthusiastic technical areas of physics. The laboratory includes instruments like spectrometers, travelling microscopes, diode Lasers etc.


The Chemistry Lab has is equipped with all the facilities that enable the students to gain knowledge in the concepts of chemistry for engineering technologies and their application in the frontier topics like smart material sciences, storage devices and other instrumental methods. The laboratory is fully equipped for conducting experiments like Acid-Base Titrations, Complexometric Titrations, Colorimetry, water analysis, pH analysis etc.

The department of Basic Sciences takes overall care of the first-year students and supports all other Engineering department activities in grooming the students of the institution into well trained engineers with strong scientific background. Engineers with the theoretical and practical knowledge of basic sciences can well fit in to software companies to large-scale industries that includes Petroleum refineries, Travancore Titanium products, FACT and so on, with an attractive CTC up to 8 lakhs